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This definition is critical to have a proper evaluation of the class dynamics ahead of us. (Anm. 1939: ‘Why I Consented to Appear Before the Dies Committee’ 1938: Hitler’s Austria Coup Aided by Moscow Trial 1923: Not By Politics Alone ... (different extract) 1939: The USSR and the War 1931: The Mistakes of Rightist Elements of the Communist League on the Trade Union Question 1931: For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism (extract published in The Militant) 1930: Notes of a Journalist 1936: On the Soviet Section of the Fourth International 1929: The First Contact with Belgium The Marxists Internet Archive is one of the oldest collaborative archive projects on the Internet, beginning in 1987 as an effort to distribute Marxist information on ARAPNET and migrating to the Web in 1993. 1917: Democracy, Pacifism and Imperialism 1933: How Long Can Hitler Stay? 1934: A Greeting to New International 1928: The Theses of Comrade Radek 1938: On the Labor Party in the United States Since October 17, the Lebanese masses actually carried out a “forcible entrance into the realm of rulership over their own destiny” as Leon Trotsky defines. 1921: Speech on Comrade Radek’s Report on “Tactics of the Comintern” a the Third Congress 1938: Trotsky Explains to Kirchwey On the question of permanent revolution, which is Trotskyism’s main characteristic, we should first note what he takes from Marx. 1926: Once More on Pacifism and Revolution Translated. 1916: The National Principle 1939: Trotsky Tells British Paper He Will Not Write For It in Sharply Worded Statement 1938: The Founding of the Fourth International 1930: My Life (autobiography) [Click Here for PDF version – 3.5 megbytes big!] Das Marxists' Internet Archive bietet eine vom russischen Originalmanuskript durch Walter Fischer ins Deutsche übersetzte Fassung des zuerst in französischer Sprache erschienenen biografischen Werkes. 1939: Trotsky Sees Closer Hitler-Stalin Ties But it does not mean that Leon Trotsky underestimate the need for a revolutionary party. Trotsky’s main force was twofold, the revolution ought to be global (á la Marx) and it has to be permanent/continuous (á la Jefferson). 1937: It Is High Time to Launch a World Offensive Against Stalinism (open letter) 1922: On World Politics (responses to press questions) 1933: Hitler’s ‘Disarmament’ and Prospects of War Groeperingen in de communistische oppositie, Geschiedenis der Russische Revolutie —   Belangrijk werk, Het vijfjarenplan en de internationale werkloosheid. 1918: Chapters from My Diary 1931: The Successes of Socialism and the Dangers of Adventurism 1922: To Comrade Ker 1937: Ninety Years of the Communist Manifesto 1931: [1st] Letter to the Communist League (alternative translation) Many of Trotsky’s writings remains to be translated from the original Russian. Overzicht van de werken van Leon Trotski in het Nederlands. 1940: Manifesto of the Fourth International 1905: Open Letter to Professor P.N. Warum? 1932: Perspectives of American Marxism (as published in The Militant) Trotsky had made many enemies within the Communist Party. Trotsky emphatically responded, ˜yes.' 1935: The Workers’ State, Thermidor and Bonapartism (essay) 1931: Fragments of Truth from Under the Garbage of Slander 1938: Trotsky Nails Fresh Attack on His Asylum ... Of course Trotsky is on the front page, the Selected Marxists page is filled with whatever opposition to Stalin they could find, and you can look at the various ways they present the various figures on the Library page. 1931: The Character of the Revolution 1930: The Results Of The Sino-Soviet Conflict 1925: Twenty Years After 1905 1922: From the ECCI to the Paris Convention of the French Communist Party (September 13, 1922) 1933: Interview with Georges Simenon (interview) 51. 1940: Trotsky Letter Exposes Stalin Role in Recent Assassination Attempt (slightly abridged version of the above) Trotsky became involved in … 899–906. 1917: On the Eve of a Revolution (as published in The Militant 1928: A Letter from Exile in Alma-Ata 1929: A Letter to the American Trotskyists 1938: Leon Sedov – Son, Friend, Fighter 1939: ‘Learn to Work in the Stalinist Manner’ 1937: On Democratic Centralism and the Regime 1938: Karl Kautsky [obiturary] 1940: The Character of the Russian Revolution as Foreseen by Plekhanov, Lenin and Trotsky (excerpt from Stalin) What is Trotsky’s Theory of the Permanent Revolution? (essay) 1936: The Task in Spain 1939: Stalin’s Capitulation 1940: The Political Backwardness of American Workers The New International was the theoretical journal of the Socialist Workers Party, supporters of the International Left Opposition in the United States. 1940: A Letter to C. Charles 1933: Whither the I.L.P. As a young man he wrote articles on Ibsen and Gogol. 1904: The Proletariat and the Revolution 1939: Open Letter to the Workers of India 1940: Dialectics Catches Up with Burnham and Shachtman Algemeen archief 1938: Trade Unions and the Social Crisis 1935: Lessons of October User account menu. Comrades, the conquest of political power is the chief political aim of every revolutionary Party. Opposition Leon Trotsky on Britain: A complete collection of Trotsky’s writings on Britain covering the years 1920 through 1940 with an emphasis on the mid-20s Alarm Signal! 1922: Summary of Discussion on French Question Leon Trotsky Their Morals and Ours * * * IN MEMORY OF LEON SEDOFF * * * Online version: From the magazine The New International, Vol.IV No.6, June 1938, pp.163-173. This website is estimated worth of $ 8.95 and have a daily income of around $ 0.15. 1932: Family Relations Under the Soviets This online reading group will discuss Leon Trotsky’s “Their Morals and Ours” which explains how morality is rooted in the interests of contending social classes, the working class versus the owning class. Leon Trotsky (/ˈtrɒtski/; Russian: Лев Дави́дович Тро́цкий; pronounced [ˈlʲɛf ˈtrotskʲɪj] ; born Lev Davidovich Bronstein; 7 November [O.S. 1937: Thermidor and Anti-Semitism 1938: Trotsky Tells of ‘Letter’ from Victim of G.P.U. 1933: Fascism and Democratic Slogans 1938: Damning Evidence in Sedoff Murder 1908: Leo Tolstoy, Poet & Rebel (literary criticism/article) 1932: A Letter to the Workers of Zurich Een geheim agent van Stalin, Ramón Mercader, verwierf op 20 augustus 1940 toegang tot het zwaarbewaakte verblijf van Leon Trotski door zich voor te doen als de verloofde van de zus van de secretaresse.Hij deed zich voor als Jacques Mornard, een Belgische journalist, die aan Trotski een net geschreven artikel wilde voorleggen.Toen deze aan een bureau ging zitten om de tekst te lezen, sloeg … Leon Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein to David Leontyevich Bronstein (1847-1922) and Anna Lvovna (née Zhivotovskaya, 1850-1910) on 7 November 1879, the fifth child of a Ukrainian-Jewish family of wealthy farmers in Yanovka or Yanivka, in the Kherson governorate of the Russian Empire (now Bereslavka, in Ukraine), a small village 24 kilometres (15 mi) from the nearest post office. 1930: Lessons Of The Capitulations (Obituary Reflections) 1940: Another Thought on Conscription Miliukov 1933: Apropos the Foreign Policy of the Stalinists Haar taak en gevaren, De successen van het socialisme en de gevaren van het avonturisme, De Spaanse revolutie en de taak der communisten, De Spaanse revolutie en de gevaren die haar bedreigen, De Russische revolutie —   Belangrijk werk, Het karakter van de Duitse Socialistische Arbeiderspartij (SAP), Open Brief aan het Centraal Uitvoerend Comité van de USSR, Perspectieven van het Amerikaanse marxisme, Het tragisch lot van het Duitse proletariaat, Antwoord op de vragen van de Heer Simenon, vertegenwoordiger van Paris-Soir, Gesprek met een sociaaldemocratische arbeider, De 4de Internationale en de USSR, of: De natuur van de Sovjet-Unie, De arbeidersmilitie en haar tegenstanders, 4. [book] Significant work! 1931: Trotsky on Opposition and the Party in Spain 1936: Once Again – The ILP – The Language of Figures, Theses on Revolution and Counter-Revolution, On the Tempo and Timescale of the Revolution, Class Relations in the Chinese Revolution, The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian Committee, The Chinese Revolution and the Theses of Comrade Stalin, The Speech of Comrade Chen Duxiu on the Tasks of the Chinese Communist Party, The “Clémenceau Thesis” and the Party Regime, The Russian Opposition: Questions and Answers, The Third International After Lenin (A Draft Criticism of the Communist International), On the Canton Insurrections: Three Letters to Preobrazhensky, On the Situation in Russia – A Letter to a Comrade, Our Differences with the Democratic Centralists, The Groupings in the Communist Opposition. 1936: 20,000 Oppositionists Expelled from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Recent “Cleansing” 1938: The Fifth Wheel Samen met V.I. 1922: Resolution of the ECCI on the French Communist Party (alternative translation) 1929: The Errors in Principle of Syndicalism 1922: From the ECCI to the Central Committee of the French Communist Party 1919: Invitation to the First World Congress [of the Comintern] 1940: Stalin Seeks My Death 1930: World Unemployment and the First Five Year Plan 1928: Who Is Leading The Comintern Today? [Alternate Translation] Is Endorsed by L. Trotsky, Swiss Police Arrest Assassins of Murdered G.P.U. 1931: The Permanent Revolution (book) Significant work! 1929: On Churchill Marxists The Spanish Revolution: A complete (... but under construction) collection of Trotsky’s writings on Civil War in Spain covering the years 1931 through 1939 The fourth congress of the Communist International will assemble on the fifth anniversary of the Soviet Power. 1928: Crisis in the Right-Center Bloc 1921: Report on “The Balance Sheet” of the Third Congress of the Communist International 1932: On the Suppressed Testament of Lenin (essay) What is the basic role of the state and police in society? Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. Oktober jul. 1940: Stalin Still Hitler’s Vassal, Writes Trotsky (statement) 1931: Factory Councils in Germany and Workers’ Control of Production 1939: Three Conceptions of the Russian Revolution Today marks the anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s assassination. 1933: What Is National Socialism? 1933: Problems of the Soviet Regime We hope to offer, eventually, ALL these writings in as many languages as possible. What Lies Behind Stalin Bid for Agreement with Hitler? 1928: On Max Eastman 1922: From the ECCI to the Paris Convention of the French Communist Party (October 6, 1922) 1934: Notes of a Journalist 1932: On the Disarmament Question (alternative version) 1933: Even Slander Needs Meaning 1937: Coming Trials to Reveal Secret Plans of G.P.U. And there is furthermore, in Moscow, a First Standard Priming Plant. 1927: The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian Committee De koersverandering van de communistische Internationale en de toestand in Duitsland —   Belangrijk werk, De revolutie in Indië. 1935: Who Defends Russia? Waarom heeft Stalin over de oppositie gezegevierd? 1935: Romain Rolland Executes an Assignment (1936) Written; 1936. 1939: On the Causes for the Defeat of the Spanish Revolution is just a database for marxist texts. 1922: The Lessons of May Day (alternative translation) 1931: The Role of Strikes in a Revolution 1937: A Tragic Lesson INTRODUCCIÓN . 1927: Hankow and Moscow 1917: Captivity (letter) 1940: Trotsky Nails Talk of Almazan “Plot” 1929: Open Letter to the Workers of the USSR (alternative version published in The Militant) 1939: A Step Towards Social Patriotism 1931: At the Fresh Grave of Kote Zinzadze 1931: A Letter About the Spanish Revolution 1937: Trotsky Sees “Jap” Blow-up (interview) 1928: On the Canton Insurrections: Three Letters to Preobrazhensky [letter] Cablegram from Leon Trotsky Hits Hearst and, On the Soviet Section of the Fourth International, Tell Workers the Truth About Stalin’s Hounding of Revolutionists in the Soviet Union, The Treachery of the Spanish “Labor Party of Marxist Unity”, 20,000 Oppositionists Expelled from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Recent “Cleansing”, Tasks of The Fourth International In Spain, Statement by Leon Trotsky in Reply to the Charges Made Against Him by the Tass Bureau, An Interview with Leon Trotsky on the Recent Moscow Trial, London Buro Aids Stalin Frame-Ups by Refusal to Join Probe Commission, Drive to Aid C.N.T. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse. 1933: Trotsky Greets Red Flag, British Organ of L.O. 1933: The Spanish “Kornilovs” and “Stalinists” Uneven and combined development (or unequal and combined development or uneven development) is a concept in Marxian political economy intended to describe dynamics of human history involving the interaction of capitalist laws of motion and starting world market conditions whose national units are highly heterogeneous.. 1931: Notes of a Journalist Trotsky’s first wife Aleksandra Sokolovskaia, a great Bolshevik in her own right, is portrayed as a housewife whom Trotsky abandons along with his two daughters. — Leon Trotsky. 1927: Second Speech on the Chinese Question 1928: Reply to Stalin 1934: On the Eve of the Congress 1939: Why I Agreed to Appear Before the Dies Committee (excerpt) In 1938 he helped found the Fourth International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution. 1931: For Communist Unity in Spain What are the elements required for workers’ democracy? 1932: In Defense of October (Speech in Copenhagen, Denmark) (as published in The Militant) Significant work! Born: 1879 Died: 1940 1922: The Contradictions of the Soviet Policy Marxistisch Internet-Archief Nederlands, Zeer kort fragment, begeleid met commentaar van, Belangrijk werk — Nieuwe en volledige editie, Belangrijk werk   — Oude onvolledige editie, Bundeling van teksten betreffende Frankrijk voor de periode 1934-1936, Beknopte historische inleiding over het Belgische trotskisme, Wat is de permanente revolutie? 1932: Closer to the Proletarians of the Colored Races 1922: To Comrade Treint Copyleft: Leon Trotsky Internet Archive ( 2021. Man, Reiss Blackguards and Assistants 1932: Mill as a Stalinist Agent 1925: Letter on Eastman’s Book 1932: I See War with Germany 1915: Why the German Social-Democracy Failed (A 1915 Review of Leon Trotsky’s essay) 1933: The Left Socialists and Our Tasks Lenin on His Fiftieth Birthday Lev Davidovici Troțki (în rusă Лев Давидович Троцкий, n. 26 octombrie/7 noiembrie 1879, Bereslavka, Raionul Bobrîneț, Imperiul Rus – d. 21 august 1940, Coyoacán[*] , Mexic), născut Léiba sau Leib Bronștéin (Лейба Бронштейн), a fost un revoluționar bolșevic și intelectual marxist rus născut într-o familie de evrei așkenazi din Ucraina. 1930: The Turn in the Communist International and the Situation in Germany Significant work! 1904: Our Political Tasks (book – 6 files) But it does not mean that Leon Trotsky underestimate the need for a revolutionary party. Trotsky’s perspective allows Marxists to avoid the simple binary of either condemning revolutions as “dictatorial” and nothing else, or uncritical adulation that leads to overlooking betrayals and problems. 1933: Maria Reese and the Comintern 1938: Trotsky Defends Asylum in Slashing Reply to Toledano 1931: Trotsky Greets El Soviet 1939: Clarity or Confusion? 1932: The Barbusse Congress – The Language of Figures 1919: Report on the Communist Party Of the Soviet Union and the Red Army Trotsky Tells British Paper He Will Not Write For It in Sharply Worded Statement, ‘Why I Consented to Appear Before the Dies Committee’, For Grynszpan: Against Fascist Pogrom Gangs and Stalinist Scoundrels, Petty Bourgeois Moralists and the Proletarian Party, The Political Backwardness of American Workers, The May 24th Attempt to Assassinate Trotsky, Trotsky Letter Exposes Stalin Role in Recent Assassination Attempt, Dialectics Catches Up with Burnham and Shachtman, Trotsky Indicts the Kremlin’s Role in Europe’s Catastrophe, Stalin Still Hitler’s Vassal, Writes Trotsky, The Character of the Russian Revolution as Foreseen by Plekhanov, Lenin and Trotsky, Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay, Trotsky’s Last Article: Bonapartism, Fascism and War, Stalin – An Appraisal of the Man and his Influence. 1934: Unser Wort a Weekly – A Real Achievement 1923: Civility and Politeness as a Necessary Lubricant in Daily Relations Oktober 1937 in Workuta) war der jüngste Sohn von Leo Trotzki und Natalja Sedowa Q. 1921: Summary Speech 1933: The United Front for Defense: A Letter to a Social Democratic Worker (as published in The Militant) 1935: Centrist Alchemy Or Marxism? 1939: The ABC of Materialist Dialectics [Click Here for PDF version] In 1940 werd hij in Mexico vermoord door een agent van Stalin. 1929: The Austrian Crisis and Communism 6 No. 1921: Theses of the Third World Congress on the International Situation and the Tasks of the Comintern 1932: German Bonapartism (as published in The Militant) 1930: The History of the Russian Revolution (book) Significant work! 1919: Problems the Army During the Civil War (speech) Nederland - De trotskistische beweging in Nederland, Waarom marxisten individuele terreur afwijzen, De oorlog en de Internationale —   Belangrijk werk, De militaire rampspoed en politieke vooruitzichten, De lotgevallen van het 7e Regiment Infanterie in België. 1930: The Revolution in India – Its TASKS and its DANGERS 1936: The Class Nature of the Soviet State 1935: The Right to Vote for Stalin Is Granted – “Soviet Democracy” 1931: Factory Councils and Workers’ Control of Production His father was a prosperous Jewish farmer. 1918: The Principles of Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship The Anarcho-Syndicalist Prejudices Again! 1922: A Militant Labour Program for the French Communist Party (December 5, 1922) 1931: Thermidorianism and Bonapartism At one level, the answer is clear. 1926: An Answer to the Stalinist Critics 1938: Twenty Years of Stalinist Degeneration, 1939: Correspondence on the Custody of His Grandson [letters written in 1938 and 1939] of the U.S.S.R. 1938: The Priests of Half-Truth 1935: An Open Letter to the French Workers 1936: How Lenin Studied Marx by Max Shachtman and B. J. 1939: Stalin – The Temporary Holder of the Ukraine 1928: Some Remarks on the Sixth Congress 1940: The Kremlin’s Role in the War 1937: The Lessons of Spain – The Last Warning In 1938 richtte hij de Vierde Internationale op. This website is estimated worth of $ 8.95 and have a daily income of around $ 0.15. 1932: Four Years – Trotsky Greets Militant 1933: On Zinoviev and Kamenev Vital Questions for the German Proletariat (as published in The Militant) Significant work! 1920: Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s Report on the Role of the Party 1937: The Beginning of the End 1921: Lessons of the Paris Commune 1931: Russian-German Trade Relations 1934: A Statement on the Rakovsky Case 1931: Very Significant Facts! Oprichter van het Rode Leger. 1932: Left Opposition and the Brandlerites 1929: Greetings to the Weekly The Militant 1940: The “Tanaka Memorial” 1930: A Squeak in the Apparatus (A Popular Explanation of Rights and Lefts) 1932: Trotsky Sues for a Literary Forgery (letter) 1934: Bonapartism and Fascism 1940: The Second World War 1937: Not a Workers’ and Not a Bourgeois State? 1929: A Reply to the Chinese Oppositionists of Great Britain As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse. Fußnote Dominion, eine selbstverwaltete Nation unter der nominellen Herrschaft des britischen Monarchen. 1935: Students at Edinburgh Offer Trotsky Rectorship 1926: Radio, Science, Technique and Society The Trotsky Internet Archive Index Sorted by Individual Sets of Years: 1901–1910 | 1911–1917 | 1918–1919 | 1920 | 1921 | 1922 | 1923 | 1924 | 1925–1926 | 1927 | 1928–1929 | 1930 | 1931 | 1932 | 1933 | 1934 | 1935 | 1936 | 1937 | 1938 | 1939 | 1940, A complete listing of the writings of Leon Trotsky in e-book format is here.

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