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is recycled oil as good as new oil

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One gallon of used oil that is re-refined makes enough oil for a typical oil change; it would take 42 gallons of crude oil to make that same amount. Australians are good at recycling used oil, with about 250 million litres of used oil recycled during the 2007-2008 financial year. It’s good for the economy, great for the planet, and it doesn’t require you to make any kinds of sacrifices. Rice bran oil is not unrefined or cold pressed. 1.35 million PT Cruisers were built during its nine-year lifetime. Recycled Motor Oil Meets the Same Standards as Virgin Oil. New Orleans based. The new process of recycling is much better than the old acid-clay treatment. | Although it gets dirty, used oil can be cleaned of contaminants so it can be recycled again and again. There's even a process that can re-refine it so it can be used as diesel or marine oil. Good oil takes care of ALL of the needs without you having to even think about it. This seal will include the service category, oil viscosity, and whether or not the oil formulation is “energy conserving,” which means it reduces friction for improved fuel economy. | Choosing to properly recycle motor oils, filters and containers from your car; benefits the environment, saves energy and; protects water quality. Used motor oil is a valuable resource. May 3, 2011. Oil that has been run through the recycling process and had its additives re-added is just as good as fresh oil. Fact: A common misconception is that high quality motor oil should come out of an engine looking clean at the time of an oil change. Used Oil and Waste Oil (which can’t be recycled). In order to help set things straight, we’ve addressed and debunked a lot of the common Motor Oil Myths below. You can tell the condition of oil by the look, smell or color of it. Plastic is crude oil! However, that same amount of clean oil can be repurposed from just a gallon of previously used motor oil. Best Management Practices for Used Oil 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647) • Fax: 1-800-621-7447 • • [email protected] New Pig One Pork Avenue • Tipton, PA 16684-0304. It's likely bulk drum oil, but there have been rumors of some shops using recycled oil which is basically only filtered used oil that has been "graded for viscosity". | Although it gets dirty, used oil can be cleaned of contaminants so it can be recycled again and again. However, it’s fine if you want to use new oil to maintain that clean feeling after an oil change as long as you take your old oil to be recycled. Leftover oil and fat isn’t entirely unusable. Cooking oil recycling programs accept all kinds of oils: butter, olive oil, canola oil, corn oil, and the fat rendered from animal products such as bacon, turkey, and sausage. Turn off the heat after you are done cooking. Even if you don’t have the needed capital to go into it full scale, you can still make money by collecting the cans for big recycling firms. But oil changes are one of the cheaper maintenance areas. Cooking Oil Collection with Good Job Malaysia is an alternative way and the smart choice for house, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, schools, corporates, office and factory. on Recycled Oil vs New Oil: Does it Make a Difference for an Oil Change? Throughout the mid and late 1900’s, many farmers found a way to reuse what they had on the farm, including motor oil.During hard times, especially when it came to farming families, sometimes “making due with what you have” was all the farmer could do to stretch his or her resources.. Recycling this oil would save the United States 1.3 mil-lion barrels of oil a day. Global Standards of Business Conduct It takes 42 gallons of crude oil to produce the same amount. However, not all used oil is disposed of appropriately. Used Oil - … There are many uses for recycled used oil. The economics and efficiency of the process stand out among all other methods. Valvoline Nextgen is a line of recycled oils made for the average person. In today’s environmentally focused world there are definitely strong reasons to consider recycled oil for your next change. Conventional motor oil is generally considered inferior compared to synthetic and blended oils, but it is common on new cars. Uses for Recycled Oil . Choosing to properly recycle motor oils, filters and containers from your car benefits the environment, saves energy and protects water quality. One gallon of used motor oil provides the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil as 42 gallons of crude oil. Recycled oil meets or exceeds standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Top of Page. Regulators and recycling agencies have effectively communicated with businesses the need for, and benefits of, recycling used oil but more can be done to communicate with individuals who work on their cars or trucks in the garage at home. Motor oil does not wear out—it just gets dirty—so recycling it saves a valuable resource. It is very well-known that processed foods are unhealthy because they are likely to lose their ‘naturalness’. The new recycling initiative aims to reclaim as much of the used cooking oil as possible, and there is no limit as to which oils can be recycled – the city will take any type. This is called base lube stock. MYTH: Recycled motor oil is not as good of a quality as new motor oil. Recycling used oil keeps it from polluting soil and water. Anything that cuts down on our carbon footprint is beneficial to us. Good for your home plumbing system as you don't pour oil down the Drain and toilet causes clogs in your home plumbing system. of Murphy's oil soap or baby shampoo and add 1 c. warm water. It can also be processed into fuel oils, or used as raw material in the petroleum industry. Recycling/reusing your waste oil products is beneficial for the environment and human health. Local governments are helping to conserve a valuable resource and protect the environment by encouraging Australians recycle their used motor oil. Re-refined oil is good for the environment and it’s priced competitively to regular motor oil. You may have heard of recycled oil, or never considered the idea. Waste oil creates a need for more technological advancements as people find new ways to use it. For our purposes, recycling takes a dirty oil and filters it to a prescribed cleanliness for re-use. They would up-cycle the excess, old, or used fuel and oil into a wooden fence post treatment to … Cars are expensive, that’s no lie. The EPA established used oil management regulations in 1992 to encourage recycling [40 CFR 279]. Then it can be resold over and over again at about the same price per quart as conventional motor oil. Used motor oil can be re-refined into lubricating oils that meet the same certifications and specifications as new or virgin motor oil. Recycling oil reduces the amount that has to be mined which cuts down on the amount of mining we have to do. Castrol Edge Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil provides your vehicle with optimum performance. Exposing oil to prolonged heat accelerates rancidity. Recycling oil also reduces our independence on foreign oil; the more oil we recycle, the less oil we need to purchase from other sources. There are many uses for recycled used oil.These include: 1. It also reduces the amount of old oil just sitting around polluting the ground. In general, you take crude oil and refine it to make a lubricant. Used engine oil from cars, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers and farm equipment can be reused or re-refined. Recycled motor oil can be distilled into diesel or marine fuel in a process similar to oil re-refining, but without the final Wikipedia:hydrotreating process. Oil that has been run through the recycling process and had its additives re-added is just as good as fresh oil. Moreover, many big companies are also support oil recycling because it is good for their bottom line. Oil Recycling Makes Economic Sense Recycling oil is cheaper than refining oil from crude. Also, do-it-yourself oil changers “close the recycling loop” with re-refined oil by turning in their old oil and purchasing motor oil that has been used, re-refined, and put back on store shelves for reuse. Sep 7, 2007 2,335 64 91. You can convert slump oil into several types of recycled oil depending on their origin. Waste oil technology is being used in waste oil heaters and boilers. Suppliers Global Standards of Business Conduct Home / Motor Era Automotive Blog / Automobile Maintenance / Recycled Oil vs New Oil: Does it Make a Difference for an Oil Change? Privacy Notice Recycling and reusing used motor oil is preferable to disposal and can provide great environmental benefits. There are quite a few myths pertaining to motor oil, recycled oils and synthetic oils. "Recycled oil has a smaller "carbon footprint," uses fewer resources to produce, and helps lower pollutants that may contribute to climate change. The oil can be recycled many times which means it doesn’t contribute to the pollution of the environment. I did buy some a couple of years back, but it was bottled by Quaker State), Gulf Single G (Single G was a great harness race horse), Standard Super-Permalube, Phillips 66 Tropartic, Royal Triton, Sinclair Dino-Supreme and many more. These individuals generate significant quantities of used petroleum products that need to be recycled. The new recycling techniques yield high-quality base oil that can match crude oil. Simply put — recycled oil is used oil that is processed in a way that returns it to a base lube stock. In the past, this may have been true. The limit to how much oil your vehicle can comfortably run on will grow, but you need to wean it to the new fuel mixture. About 150 million gallons of used oil … At this temperature, the long-chain molecules from the plastic are cracked and produce synthetic crude oil. 3 What Is Used Oil? 5 Common Pt Cruiser Problems and How to Fix Them, Lease vs Finance: Knowing Your Car Buying Options, 9 Seriously Cool Rims to Take Your Car from Stock to Style, The Beginner’s Camping Guide: How to Get Started and Have Fun, Too, This Is What You Need to Do if Hit by an Uninsured Driver, Architectural Basics: 5 Types of Construction Documents You Need for Every Build, 3 Times You Should Salvage a Car, and When to Walk Away, How to Choose the Best RV Parks in the United States to Enjoy the Great Outdoors. Regeneration saves the costs of oil replacement (the cost of the regeneration process is 40-70 percent lower than the cost of new oil). How to recycle oil This process results in a "good as new" product. | A good system is to save your old oil in the new container and take it with you when you go to get ready for the next change. The good thing is that the oil is a 100 percent synthetic which means it comes without any impurities. It conserves energy, creates jobs, and serves as a fuel source. Recycling and reusing used motor oil is better than disposing of it – no matter how proper the disposal method is. Synthetic motor oils are not fake. | …, Leasing a car has several benefits over buying one under …, One of the best ways to add style to your …. For an organic insect pest spray, mix one cup of your unwanted oil with three tbsp. If you’re a prepper or a homesteader, you’re likely salivating at the chance of being able to recycle and reuse something to maintain your home fortress.. Quickly and simply, these are some of the top uses for used engine oil. Many communities have curbside recycling programs that allow you to leave your oil at the curb (properly packaged). These metals also accelerate rancidity. Lubricating oil, sometimes simply called lubricant/lube, is a class of oils used to reduce the friction, heat, and wear between mechanical components that are in contact with each other.Lubricating oil is used in motorized vehicles, where it is known specifically as motor oil and transmission fluid.. Every time you choose to recycle engine oil, you're contributing to a healthier, cleaner world. The new recycling techniques yield high-quality base oil that can match crude oil. Recycled used oil can sometimes be used again for the same job or can take on a completely different task. | I’m thinking of MacMillan ring free oil, Wolf’s Head oil (run with the wolf. These include the following. It also holds great environmental benefits. In order to extract the oil, plastic needs to be heated to over 400 °C. If possible, allow the filter to sit in this position for at least 12 hours. Recycling oil also reduces our independence on foreign oil; the more oil we recycle, the less oil we need to purchase from other sources. Nothing could be further from the truth. MYTH: You can’t mix recycled oil with regular oil. It is safe to switch from regular oil to recycled oil and back. It lasts just as long and performs just as well as virgin oil. Valvoline NextGen – Is Recycled Oil Just as Good? Used oil is oil that has been used, and as a result of such use, is now contaminated by physical or chemical impurities. MYTH: Recycled motor oil is not as good of a quality as new motor oil. Used oil filters should be recycled. Used oil, or 'sump oil' as it is sometimes called, should not be thrown away. So wouldn’t it be great if you could turn the production process on its head and produce recycled crude oil from plastic waste? Recycled Waste Used the motor oil can be re-refined into new Virgin oil or Base Oil processed into fuel oils and used as raw materials for the petroleum industry. The better you take care of a car, the better it takes care of you. New or recycled doesn’t make a difference, what matters is how good you are about when you perform the changes. | Recycling oil consumes less energy than pumping and refining oil from the ground, and buying recycled means helping reduce the need for foreign oil. Compare that to only one gallon of recycled oil to produce the same 2.5 quarts. The first phase of reclaiming involves gravity settling, which eliminates water and dirt. Motor Era now offers a full line of car manuals for all makes and models. We are home improve & solve all your problem. Consider also the difference that recycling oil can have on your wallet. Another regulation is used oil tanks must, by regulation, be labelled as Used Oil - not unmarked, unlabelled, or as waste oil. Sitemap Terms of Use Motor oil picks up a variety of hazardous contaminants when used in engines and transmissions. If you are looking for where to recycle oil, most chain auto part stores like Autozone will take your old oil. Everyone would love to have a use for their waste products asides the fact that the commotion and pollution caused by the waste will be reduced. Once oil has been used, it can be collected, recycled, and used over and over again. Employee owned and operated. Less energy is required to produce a gallon of re-refined base stock than a base stock from crude oil. Industrial burner oil, where the used oil is Why you need to recycle your used oil? Reclaiming, on the other hand, not only cleans the oil, but restores the base stock and additives to new or as-new condition. Valvoline’s NextGen™ recycled motor oil carries and meets or exceeds all API certifications. Recycled Oil vs New Oil: Does it Make a Difference for an Oil Change? No matter what oil you choose, always compare the manufacturer’s recommendations with the API “donut” seal on the back of the oil container. Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely, untapped valuable asset. Recycled oIL. Hire professional Cleaning Services(House & Office), Interior Designer & Mover. Don't mix different types of oil. Recycled oil is as good a lubricant as new oil. Here are 5 reasons why rice bran oil may not be the best cooking oil: Rice Bran Oil has no Naturalness. No matter how often it's recycled or refined, motor oil … Recycling your used motor oil reduces this pollution threat. | into water supplies. For your car, no. Visit for the location of a facility near you that accepts used oil … Used oil, or 'sump oil' as it is sometimes called, should not be thrown away. Users should always follow their recommended oil change intervals in their vehicle’s owner’s manual, just like any other oil. | Image Credit – NLShop/Shutterstock . The color of the oil has been restored. It provides car users up to 15,000 miles between oil changes.. Used motor oil is hazardous. Franceschi: Yes, oil can be recycled. Valvoline’s NextGen™ also offers an engine protection guarantee. Used engine oil is like liquid gold in the hands of the right person. Through the recycling process, the impurities and water in the oil are removed, allowing for additives to be reintroduced to the lube stock. This is not true. This idea is good for those people that are familiar with their neighbourhood. Some companies are trying to break into the consumer market with recycled oil as an alternative product. See all 8 photos. Keeping your car maintained with new or recycled oil keeps it functioning longer and safer. We need to figure out how to stop it. Privacy Notice Recycling companies collect and use the oil disposals for various uses. Do Not Sell My Personal Data, © 2020 Valvoline LLC These include: Industrial burner oil, where the used oil … Did you know used oil can be re-refined into base stock for lubricating oil. As on current market trend, more people are understanding the seriousness of Waste Oil Recycling Plant and projects and secondarily, it is close to … Used oil must be managed properly by local waste management authorities or automotive repair shops to prevent contaminating the environment. Oil is oil at the end of the day. You also save money because you don’t have to buy new oil after every drain. Store oil in a cool, dark place. Or it can be burned as fuel to produce heat or electricity - it's as good as coal, and cleaner, too! Use a good thermometer to fry foods at a maximum of 375°F (or 190°C). Raizinman Platinum Member. Sitemap Valvoline NextGen™ uses some of the highest quality recycled oil and a breakthrough formula for performance, which meets or exceeds industry specifications. Edward A. Sanchez writer. It takes 42 gallons to make the same amount of clean oil in the first place. They back it up with a 150,000-mile and 225,000-mile guarantee for their conventional and synthetic brands respectively. Used Oil Recycling Plant is a very good opportunity for Small Scale Factory production business. The multi-stage refining process removes contaminants and additives to create fresh oil that performs just as good as new. Two and a half quarts of clean, user-ready motor oil requires a whopping 42 gallons of crude oil to produce. There are worries that it is inferior to “fresh” oil or that it could damage your vehicle. 320 likes. Founded in 2015. These contaminants include lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, dioxins, benzene and polycyclic aromatics. Transformer oil regeneration is a powerful tool for waste oil recycling. * Why Tradebit Car Manuals? Since the additives are what really matter in the oil, this recycling brings old oil to a point where it is perfectly safe to use. Synthetic Motor Oil Myths. The really good oils are either gone or aren’t sold much of anywhere. Oil is oil at the end of the day. | The National Oil Recyclers Association (NORA) was organized in 1985 to help promote the safe recycling of used oil. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Recycling used oil is the preferred way of handling used oil to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. There are two basic categories of lubricating oil: mineral and synthetic. The old oil is cleaned and additives are added. Re-refined oil is used motor oil that undergoes an extensive re-refining process to remove contaminants to produce a good-as-new base oil. Table 1 - The results of used oil regeneration. It takes 42 gallons of crude oil but only 1 gallon of used motor oil to produce the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil. All major car manufacturers have approved the use of recycled motor oil that is properly certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). © 2020 Valvoline LLC In many states it is MYTH: Using recycled motor oil will void your manufacturer’s warranty. Both used oil and waste oil require proper recycling or disposal to avoid creating an environmental problem. An estimated 380 million gallons of used oil are recycled each year. However, it’s fine if you want to use new oil to maintain that clean feeling after an oil change as long as you take your old oil to be recycled. Terms of Use Why spend $11.95 for a quart of Red Line synthetic motor oil when you can buy a quart of full synthetic Walmart SuperTech for less than half that price? Waste Vegetable and Used Cooking Oil Recycling in New Orleans, LA. It can even lower car insurance. Valvoline’s NextGen™ has the same performance and protection qualities as regular motor oils. Recycled Oil: Just as Good as "New Oil" Without the Cost of Production Recycled Oil and Lubricant Oil is an incredibly durable substance, it is built to withstand the pressures of industrial machinery. Disposing of used oil improperly is illegal and can lead to hefty fines. We need to stop wasting oil because it is killing plants, animals,and endangering the environment . Dirty (black) motor oil means the oil is breaking down.

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